I am because we are


Ubuntu Camp - I am because we are

When: 2024-08-02 - 2024-08-05
Arrivals from 09:30 of the 02 August
Ends at 10:00 of the 05 August

A camp at Agape by Agape in which to talk about Agape while working for Agape

Excuse me, but what does that mean? It seems to me you have only written the same word four times, you don’t even understand what you mean! Besides, isn’t this word ‘Ubuntu’ a computer term? This term does not come to our ears just because it has been borrowed as a name for a successful operating system; from Europe we heard it in Mandela’s speeches: “In Africa there is a concept known as Ubuntu, the profound sense of being human only through the humanity of others; if we accomplish anything in the world it will be through the work and achievement of others”. The etymology of the term is similar to our word humanity but is more complex to translate: a popular way to describe it is ‘I am because we are’, meaning a person realises himself through community with his people. Ubuntu thinking embraces very profound virtues: maintaining harmony in the world, a work for all based on the thought that ‘we work as one’, where life is understood as mutual help in the spirit of sharing. The Ubuntu ethos emphasises the value of human relationships, as individual personality is achieved in the context of participation in work and community life.

In this international camp, the first of a three-week course of community life, we will work on utopia: we will disrupt the usual structure of an Agape camp in which each person works in specific and delineated roles, we will explore the difficulties and contradictions of community life, we will discuss volunteering and the crisis that this value goes through in modern society in comparison with the capitalist vision of paid and specialised work.

There will be a group of interpreters and the activities will be conducted with simultaneous translation into three languages. During these days we will confront Ubuntu and Agape in all their forms, from voluntary work, to community, to the various nuances of love. This camp is aimed at all people who want to get involved, who believe in a universal bond of exchange that unites the whole of humanity.


  • Participants accept taking part in the camp life and its educational activities entirely. Early departures and late arrivals are not permitted; in the event of unforeseen early departure, the fee is not refundable, not even partially. Arrival and reception times on the first day of camp are important to respect for logistical and organisational reasons, likewise, punctuality on the day of departure is important.

  • Each participant is asked to collaborate in serving at the table and drying the dishes, as much because it is a necessary help as because it is an important sign of shared work.

  • You will have the opportunity to talk to the staff at the beginning of the camp if you feel you have pathologies that may affect your participation in the camp activities. We would love to know eachother and chat with you in the months leading up to the camp. For logistical information, please contact ufficio@agapecentroecumenico.org, who will provide you with the direct contact details of the staff if needed.

  • A short hike is planned during the camp, so a windbreaker, hiking boots (or sturdy trainers), rucksack and water bottle are required.

  • Early notification of any medical problems, (medications, allergies, diuresis, phobias, etc...), or dietary (food allergies, forbidden foods, etc...; in these cases it would be really important that you notify us of any needs at least a week in advance, to allow the kitchen to set up properly) is very important. Enclose a sheet at the time of registration.

  • Adult(s) and youth(s) over the age of 14 must have a valid ID card or document.

  • Agape is not liable for accidents or damages that may occur. The Center is only liable for cash and personal items if they are expressly turned over for safekeeping. Agape will seek reimbursement for damages caused by guests.

  • Agape cannot administer medication. If there are special needs, it is necessary to provide the necessary supplies before arriving. The pharmaceutical dispensary in Prali is not open every day.

  • Agape cannot accommodate, for hygienic reasons, dogs or other animals inside the Center.

  • Agape provides blankets and sheets, but you must bring your own towels. Rooms are three- or four-bed, with bathrooms on the floor; no single or double rooms are provided.

  • Please note that Agape is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, and even in summer, evenings are particularly cold.


Ticket Type Price Spaces
Reduced fee
Does not cover accommodation costs
Fee 0
Covers the costs of food and accommodation
Fee 1
Covers the costs of room and board and organization
Fee 2
Contains a small donation to support those who sign up for the Reduced Fee
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