Applications for Agape camps open in advance on set dates that are well-known to those who come to the Center regularly:

  • Spring camps: 15 January
  • Summer camps: 15 March
  • Winter camps: 15 October

Applications are open until the day before the camp. In case the number of available spots is reached, we will create a waiting list.


Each camp offers around 60 spots, a percentage of which is dedicated to specific categories which are divided as follows:

  • Around 16% of spots go to those who have never taken part in any camp;

The following percentages apply to camps for minors:

  • 5% of spots go to children in foster care;
  • 5% of spots go to Agape’s partnership projects;

Draw procedure

If, at the end of the first day of enrolment, the number of applications for a camp exceeds the available spots for one or more of the abovementioned categories, we will draw with the following procedure:

    • If you could not participate in the same camp the previous year and you sent the application on the first day, you have the right to take part in the camp without being drawn;
    • If two people want to attend a camp together, they should both write the name of the other person on the form because draw will take place by drawing pairs of names. People who haven’t expressed a preference will be paired randomly;
    • The pairs are drawn until there are no more available spots and then the waiting list is made.

Timeline for specific categories

The spots for people who have never taken part in an Agape camp are kept on a specific waiting list, which will be valid until some weeks before the beginning of the camp. Specifically:

  • Spring camps: until the end of February;
  • Summer camps: until mid-May;
  • Winter camp: until the end of November.

Once the deadline has expired, the spots will be given to the first names on the waiting list.

The spots for other specific categories (foster care and specific projects) are kept until a week before the beginning of the camp. After this deadline, they are given to the first names on the general waiting list.