In Agape, we have always tried to make sure that participants do not have to renounce participating in a camp for economic reasons. This is why we have different fees based on the concept of solidarity, so as to support Agape’s planning and activities according to your means. Feel free to choose any fee, and please keep in mind that the activities of Agape depend on your contribution.
If the lowest fee is too expensive for you, you may apply for a scholarship. Such scholarships allow children in foster care (if the State does not provide funds for this kind of activity) and people belonging to associations of political refugees to participate. Overall, we aim at supporting families in need, those who enroll many minors in different camps, students or unemployed people, people with a precarious job.
The scholarship fund is not unlimited, and we want to make sure that as many people as possible can access it if they need to. For this reason, we can only give you an answer once we know the number and types of applications.

Applying for a camp scholarship is very straightforward. You can send an email to with your name, surname, camp you are enrolled in and we will reply to define details of the scholarship.