Volunteer work

Agape is based on volunteer work and on the donations that many people make to the Center every year. Volunteers experience community life in Agape through work and the everyday life, along a path of personal growth and change.
The Center uses volunteer work to promote both individual responsibility and involvement in community life, creating a context in which everybody can contribute in their own way. Volunteer work covers all aspects of life in Agape, ranging from simple tasks like “servizio” (setting and clearing tables at mealtime and helping to dry dishes) to the staff’s organization of everyday activities, the more practical tasks of the Workcamp and the Committees’ institutional functions.

There are different ways to collaborate with Agape:


The Workcamp is a group of volunteers who help the residents manage the Center during high season. Workcampers come from all over the world and work in different sectors of the Center.

Date Campo
17 May - 19 May Weekend di Campolavoro - University Weekend
26 May - 8 June Campolavoro - Volunteering: Oikosnet Project
6 June - 23 June Workcamp - Volunteering PC1, PC2
23 June - 12 July Workcamp - Volunteering CA1, CA2
23 August - 8 September Workcamp - Volunteering PCT, PC3



Staff groups develop, organize and manage Agape camps. The Center offers staff members specific training programs, under the guidance of supervisors. Staff groups work autonomously and meet several times throughout the year to organize the camps.

Resident Group

The residents live in Agape all year long and manage different sectors when the Center holds camps and events and welcomes guests. The Resident Group includes about ten people, from different countries and backgrounds, two of whom are the Director and Vice Director of the Center.



Interpreting service during international camps

Since Agape is an international center, volunteers with very specific language skills are absolutely necessary. Several interpreters collaborate with Agape during the international camps, whereas translators make communication possible throughout the whole year.

Work Groups

Agape is supported by the work of different groups with specific functions. Members of the groups use their specific professional skills to make the Agape Project a reality in the best possible way.