At Agape, the cost of a camp covers essentially the stay and the cost of the programme carried out.

• The cost of the stay includes food and accommodation, lodging and heating; however, this does not cover the costs of maintaining the structure, for that we currently have to rely on gifts.

• The cost of the programme includes materials used for the activities and the organisazion and logistics for the staff’s, workshop leaders and speakers travel expenses, in most cases at Agape also they are volunteers!

These expenses are covered by paying fees 1 or 0.

The fee 2 is a way of supporting Agape’s project for those who can afford it: it includes a gift for maintaining the structure and also a solidarity contribution: not all people, in fact, can afford to come to Agape; to allow everyone to come, there is a reduced fee that does not cover entirely Agape’s costs.

You can choose the fee according to your income; the info graphic (which we will insert shortly) can give you an idea, even if – like all simple diagrams – it cannot map all the possible situations.

Agape belongs to those who come to be part of it, and it is dependent on the contributions of those who are part of it – there is no “Agape” outside the community that maintains it. Therefore, coming to Agape it is not paying for a service but contributing to a common project: Agape has many volunteers who donate their time and commitment.

With the fee system, this community tries to keep a place accessible and linked to diversity without impeding anyone’s participation. As any solidarity system can work only when everyone is willing to contribute according to their own strength. We don’t want to control who does it and how it does it, so we don’t ask for any justification for your choice of fee.

If you need financial support beyond the reduced fee you can contact