Camp Oikonomia / Camp de travail International

Periodo: 31/07/2020 - 01/06/2021
Arrivi alle 00:00 del 31 July
Partenze alle 23:59 del 01 June

Cette année, les morceaux des camps adultes sont aussi pour les enfants* qui ont 16 ans.


La situation actuelle, comme nous le savons, ne permet pas d’effectuer les camps à Agape et d’imaginer des alternatives est un défi que nous affrontons avec engagement mais qui présente aussi beaucoup de difficultés. Malgré les obstacles de cette année, nous voulons sortir Agape d’Agape, en proposant non seulement des activités mais en cherchant à recréer un sentiment de communauté et de continuité pour toutes les personnes qui peupleraient l’été agapine et qui au lieu de cela, Malheureusement, ils ne pourront pas se rencontrer en personne, se sourire, se parler, se mélanger. Nous avons donc décidé d’élaborer des morceaux de ce que devraient être les champs : des activités diverses et variées, certaines devant l’écran, d’autres à vivre en autonomie et à partager dans des moments dédiés. Pour la participation nous vous demandons un cadeau symbolique, à titre indicatif 30 € ou ce que vous pouvez vous permettre ou que vous avez le plaisir de faire avoir à Agape! Voici notre IBAN: IT85T 07601 01000 0000 2037 8105.

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[…] a view of land is, of course, subject to the blurs and distortions of personal experience and personal bias. But wherever the truth may lie, this much is crystal clear: our bigger-and-better society is now like a hypochondriac, so obsessed with its own economic health as to have lost the capacity to remain healthy. The whole world is so greedy for more bathtubs that it has lost the stabiliy necessary to build them, or even to turn off the tap. […] a shift of value can be achieved by reappraising things unnatural, tame, and confined in terms of things natural, wild, and free”. Aldo Leopold – 1948

The Greek term Oikonomia originally refers to the „rules of the house, yet Economy has become something else in postindustrial times. What if, once more, we were to see the economy as a way of looking after the house we are all living in, our world, our planet?

During this current pandemic apparently strong and functioning economies exposed contradictions and faults in money flows, social injustice, poverty, wealth, health care systems and education. Is this an evidence of what “Club of Rome“ already reported in 1972, there can not be endless growth on a finite planet?

The aims of the camp are therefore to:

– talk about how we can intervene and change the current system, perhaps discovering a wild essence within ourselves, a natural connection that is there to help us despite all.

– create a path of observation and sharing of information, practices, research of the transformations of ecosystems and economic systems during a year of pandemic.

– understand the relationship between economic behavior and environmental suffering (human’s included), through debates and non-formal learning activities.

– organize ourselves, share our knowledge and get into action, as a group, as a community despite physical distancing and borders.

Pour s’inscrire, il suffit d’envoyer un e-mail à en joignant le fichier scheda iscrizione.  . Nous avons un nombre maximum d’inscriptions pour chaque domaine, nous donnerons la priorité à ceux qui étaient déjà inscrits ou sur la liste d’attente.


Participating in a camp at Agape means to take a part in the community life of the Center for a week. Those who come to Agape, whether to take part in a camp, in a study visit or to spend some time off, are invited to respect some rules.
  • Participants accept taking part in the camp life and its educational activities entirely.
  • In case you leave in advance, fees won’t be reimbursed, not even partially.
  • Guests have to bring a valid ID.
  • We ask each participant to help setting the table and drying dishes, both because it is a necessary support and because to us, this is a way of sharing our work.
  • Agape is not responsible for accidents or damage happening during the camps in case of violation of internal rules. The Center is responsible for participants’ cash and belongings only if these are given to Agape to be kept in a safe. Agape will ask for the refund of any damage caused by the guests.
  • During winter time, it snows in Agape (which is at 1,600 meters a.s.l.). You will need to bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The rooms have three or four beds each and bathrooms are on the same floor. There are no single or double rooms. Agape provides sheets and blankets, but guests are required to bring their own towels.
  • Due to health and safety rules, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other animals to Agape.
  • Agape cannot provide medicines. Since the pharmacy in Prali is not open every day, you will need to bring the medicine you need with you.


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