Summer in Agape

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Campolavoro - Summer in Agape

When: 2020-07-06 - 2020-08-31
Arrivals from 00:00 of the 06 July
Ends at 00:00 of the 31 August



The periods and the way of workcampo will be different this summer

Our proposal starts Monday, July 6, from this date you can come to Agape to do workcampo but in different ways depending on the period chosen:

-From 06 July to 25 July: Agape Restoration, an intense period of maintenance and works on the center
-From July 25 to August 22 we will have guests in Agape families, so the workcamp will be as we know it
-From 22 to 29 August a week of special work.

It will be possible to apply for a minimum period of a week, arrivals and departures have to be on a saturday (except the first arrival wich is on monday 6th of july). In the inscriptions we ask you to write the exact period in which you would like to stay with us.

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When you apply we will ask you to sign the “code of conduct” for accepting them, meanwhile we will give you a taste of which will be the behavement that you will need to keep up while you’re here:

  • you will need to respect the physical distance (also in breaks, not just while working), except your own room
  • Inside you need to put on a face mask, it will be very important to wash or sanitize your hands often
  • to everyone there will be assigned a room, a bathroom, a place in the big hall, a blanket for outside; it will be very important that these won’t be ever exchanged
  • it won’t be possible to go in the camponcino or to party until the regulations allow it

We await your inscriptions, like always here on the website or via mail or

Remember that the email with which you register will be the channel that we will officially use to send you all the information and, careful! Often Agape newsletters end up in the promotions tab or spam.

Le iscrizioni per questo campo non sono aperte.
Le iscrizioni aprono:

  • 15 settembre: campi autunnali
  • 15 ottobre: campi invernali
  • 15 gennaio: campi primaverili
  • 15 marzo: campi estivi

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