Hosting Committee di Agape Centro Ecumenico


When: 2023-07-30 - 2023-08-17
Arrivals from 17:00 of the 30 July
Ends at 10:00 of the 17 August

Applications are being accepted from 15 March until 30 April 2023 for the Scholarship programme for the International Adult Camps in summer 2023. Anyone can apply for the camps as long as they are interested in the proposed themes and wish to participate in the community life of the Centre. It is precisely this being together that lays the foundations for a deeper exchange and encounter. An Agape camp is primarily a place for meeting, dialogue and sharing a time of life to get involved and exchange views on a topical issue. Camps are a mixture of (little!) rest in a quiet mountain resort, an immersion among the most diverse people and an active and participative learning context. You have to love all these dimensions to get along well!

30/07/2023 – 05/08/2023: International Theological Camp – Hope_less in Hope
05/08/2023 – 11/08/2023: International Oikonomia Camp – The productivity of the machine the sea and the sleeping child.
11/08/2023 – 17/08/2023: International Ultragender Camp – LET US PLAY!

Agape offers different types of scholarships to facilitate access to people who want to participate in international camps. To participate and apply for a scholarship, you must be 18 years of age or older. The programme covers all or part of the costs of your stay at Agape and possibly travel expenses. All applications will be carefully assessed. In particular, priority will be given to applications from people wishing to take part in all three of our international camps and/or to do volunteer work for the camps, but it is also possible to apply for a scholarship for just one or two camps.


Scholarships are awarded to applicants according to the following criteria. It is very important to refer to these points when completing the application. Priority will be given to applicants:

  • who have never participated in an Agape camp;
  • who show interest in the proposed activities and are motivated to come to Agape;
  • who intend to participate in all three international camps;
  • who can provide a letter of support from an organisation or group that is already part of the Agape network or wishes to establish contact with our Centre;
  • who will share their experience with others once they have returned to their own community;

You can apply for a scholarship to participate in 1, 2 or 3 camps and at the same time apply for a workcamp (volonteer “work”) according to the following options:

  • A: Participation in 3 camps with coverage of accommodation and travel costs;
  • B: Participation in 2 camps and workcamp (volonteer “work”) at the 3rd camp with coverage of accommodation and travel costs;
  • C: Participation in 2 camps with accommodation costs covered;
  • D: Participation in 1 camp with coverage of subsistence costs;
  • E: No costs coverage, voluntary participation

In addition to the option you must select a cost coverage:

  • 3/3: The entire cost of the stay is covered by Agape;
  • 2/3: Two thirds of the cost of the stay is covered by Agape;
  • 1/3: One third of the cost of the stay is covered by Agape;

Please note that whichever scholarship you choose, visa and health insurance costs are not covered.

Participation in camps:

Those who obtain a scholarship must participate in 100% of the camp activities. It is not possible to arrive after the start of the camp or to leave early.

When completing the application, please tell us how much of your trip you can contribute. We suggest that you apply for a maximum of 90% of your travel costs, but you can also apply for full reimbursement if necessary.

  1. Select the schoalrship you are applying for in the table below and fill in the application form at the bottom of this page;
  2. Send a motivation letter with: your presentation, the reason why you wish to participate in the camps and in the community dimension of the Centre, any voluntary activities you have carried out and how you imagine to bring what you have experienced in Agape into your context
  3. Send a letter of support from your organisation, if available, to:

The application must be sent no later than 15 May 2023.

For more info contact us:
Tel: (+39) 0121 807514

We are waiting for you!

Choose your Scholarship!
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  • Early notification of any medical problems, (medications, allergies, diuresis, phobias, etc...), or dietary (food allergies, forbidden foods, etc...; in these cases it would be really important that you notify us of any needs at least a week in advance, to allow the kitchen to set up properly) is very important. Enclose a sheet at the time of registration.

  • Adult(s) and youth(s) over the age of 14 must have a valid ID card or document.

  • Agape is not liable for accidents or damages that may occur. The Center is only liable for cash and personal items if they are expressly turned over for safekeeping. Agape will seek reimbursement for damages caused by guests.

  • Agape cannot administer medication. If there are special needs, it is necessary to provide the necessary supplies before arriving. The pharmaceutical dispensary in Prali is not open every day.

  • Agape cannot accommodate, for hygienic reasons, dogs or other animals inside the Center.

  • Agape provides blankets and sheets, but you must bring your own towels. Rooms are three- or four-bed, with bathrooms on the floor; no single or double rooms are provided.

  • Please note that Agape is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, and even in summer, evenings are particularly cold.

Le iscrizioni per questo campo non sono aperte.
Le iscrizioni aprono:

  • 15 settembre: campi autunnali
  • 15 ottobre: campi invernali
  • 15 gennaio: campi primaverili
  • 15 marzo: campi estivi