I exist – The Right to Exist: A story of love, hope, and empathy


International Ultragender Camp - I exist – The Right to Exist: A story of love, hope, and empathy

International Ultragender Camp

When: 2024-08-12 - 2024-08-17
Arrivals from 09:30 of the 12 August
Ends at 10:00 of the 17 August

Have you ever reflected on how different aspects of our identity come together to shape our existence? Across the globe, the act of existing authentically intersects with challenges that many face due to various aspects of their identity. ULTRAGENDER camp is our response: an inclusive gathering in the Alpes that paves a path of activism guided by love, fortified by hope and understanding that honors every individual’s journey; a place where simply stating ‘I exist’ transcends to an act of empowerment and unity.

This year, we’re inviting you to delve into the layers of your identity, exploring how they shape your reality and connect you with others. We want to build a safe space for voices from around the world to share and listen, to acknowledge that existence itself is a radical act, and to affirm our collective right to not just survive, but thrive. Here, we’ll navigate the rich tapestry of our identities, discovering ways to foster communities that support thriving for all.

We’re setting the stage for a journey of Activism, beginning with the powerful admission of our existence. For some, this declaration is a milestone; for others, it’s a call to deepen empathy and stand in solidarity with those who share our experiences. At this camp, activism is about breaking down the walls that divide us, building bridges where gaps once existed. It’s about turning conversations into actions, and actions into a movement that sweeps across the globe, uniting us in our shared humanity.

We are committed to fostering a community where love, hope, and trust are not just ideals but the foundation of our existence and activism. This week-long journey offers more than just an international network of friends; it equips you with concrete foundations for intersectional activism in your own communities. Let’s unite in acknowledging our existence, supporting one another, and acting collectively towards a world where every identity is celebrated. Join us at ULTRAGENDER 2024!


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