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Periodo: 11/08/2022 - 15/08/2022
Arrivi alle 17:00 del 11 August
Partenze alle 10:00 del 15 August

“If Economy were never Care, then you who are reading this text right now would no longer be alive” (Economy is care – (Not) a walk; Swiss Women’s Synod 2021).
When we think of the economy, we think of money, banks, exchange of goods and services. We may also think of charts and graphs. We normally don’t think of cooking, cleaning, spending time with friends or raising children; stuff that we take for granted in our daily lives. But in most economic textbooks, economy is defined as the actions that satisfy human needs. From our own experience, we all know that our needs include a wide range of activities that money cannot buy. It seems the economy is much more than what is commonly referred to today; some of its most important aspects, like care, are not taken into account.
This year, the Oikonomic camp invites you to discover with us what the economy can and should be about and how the economy is intrinsically linked to care. We welcome you to participate in a four-day journey to exchange, discuss, and generate ideas about the ways we fulfill our needs, while learning about Agape’s community life, all in the light of a care-centred economy.


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