International Theological Camp - Baptism

International Theological Camp

Date: 03/08/2019 - 10/08/2019
Arrivals at 17:00 of 03 August
Departures at 09:00 of 10 August

For we were all baptised by one Spirit so as to form one body (1Cor 12:13)

In the Bible, baptism is presented as the common ground for debating any disagreement in the spirit of being a community. Historically it has not been that way, and up to the present day, while many dogmatic issues seem to disappear under the pressure of continuous secularisation, baptism, rather than being foundation for a Church, is an obstruction to becoming one body with many parts in Christ.

The 2019 Theological Camp, FGEI (Protestant Youth Federation in Italy) and Agape Ecumenical Centre provide a platform to resume the theological debate over baptism. Each of us with our different denominations and identities will try to create an open debate aiming to raise increased awareness of the issue and, God willing, to give a proactive contribution to Churches in Italy and abroad.

Participating in a camp at Agape means to take a part in the community life of the Center for a week. Those who come to Agape, whether to take part in a camp, in a study visit or to spend some time off, are invited to respect some rules.
  • Participants accept taking part in the camp life and its educational activities entirely.
  • In case you leave in advance, fees won’t be reimbursed, not even partially.
  • Guests have to bring a valid ID.
  • We ask each participant to help setting the table and drying dishes, both because it is a necessary support and because to us, this is a way of sharing our work.
  • Agape is not responsible for accidents or damage happening during the camps in case of violation of internal rules. The Center is responsible for participants’ cash and belongings only if these are given to Agape to be kept in a safe. Agape will ask for the refund of any damage caused by the guests.
  • During winter time, it snows in Agape (which is at 1,600 meters a.s.l.). You will need to bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The rooms have three or four beds each and bathrooms are on the same floor. There are no single or double rooms. Agape provides sheets and blankets, but guests are required to bring their own towels.
  • Due to health and safety rules, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other animals to Agape.
  • Agape cannot provide medicines. Since the pharmacy in Prali is not open every day, you will need to bring the medicine you need with you.

Signing in

Fees according to your possibilities

It's possible to apply to this event.

Maximum campers: 65

Ticket Type Price Spaces
Fee 3 €420.00
Fee 2 €370.00
Fee 1 €315.00
Reduced fee €270.00

For bureaucratic reasons we need Name and Surname and gender as reported on the document identity:

Menu without pork
Vegetarian menu
Vegan menu


By enrolling in the Agape camp, parents and children sign a commitment that takes the form of a trust and responsibility pact in compliance with the fundamental rules that you find. see the page The breach of this agreement generates repercussions that can reach the immediate removal from the center itself.
Minors must not provide personal information or data in the absence of the consent of the operators with parental responsibility on them. So far as AGAPE became aware of the fact that personal data was provided by a minor (aged under 18), will provide immediate information destruction of the same or to request the transmission of the appropriate consent from the parents (or the parent's responsibility), reserving the right to inhibit access to the services available on the Site to any user who has concealed his or her minor age however communicated their personal data in the absence of the consent of their parents (or the parent's responsibility).

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