Peace and Reconciliation


International Theological Camp - Peace and Reconciliation

International Theological Camp

When: 2024-08-06 - 2024-08-11
Arrivals from 15:30 of the 06 August
Ends at 10:00 of the 11 August

In the midst of a world shaken by war and inequality, our camp stands as a beacon of hope and action. Speaking about peace and reconciliation, through a deep study of the diverse contexts and realities in which participants live, is not only a necessity but a bold political strategy to promote mutual understanding and social transformation.

From intercultural, interreligious, and ecumenical perspectives, we will immerse ourselves in an enriching dialogue that will play an active role in promoting justice, reconciliation, and the search for peaceful and collaborative solutions to the monumental challenges facing our society.

As people of faith we believe that the peace of God will guard our heart and our mind. How can we make the peace of God that is not from this world more visible in a world that shatters this belief?

This camp is not just a space for theological reflection but a platform to turn that reflection into concrete action. Our goal is to study different tools and methodologies necessary to be agents of change, advocating for peace in every community and context we encounter.

Join us on this meaningful journey towards peace and reconciliation. We will find inspiration in the diversity of experiences, beliefs, and perspectives, building bridges that overcome barriers and promote unity in diversity.

We invite you to be part of the transformative dialogue and the action gene that our world urgently needs!


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Covers the costs of room and board and organization
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