Toward Eco-justice: Vision and Praxis

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Last year’s International Political Camp, No Just Peace is Possible without Eco-Justice, confronted our planet’s intertwined social, economic and ecological crises, examining political and governance structures that contribute to contemporary “ecocide,” destructive patterns of production and consumption, and resource inequities between Global North and Global South. This year during the International Political Camp we will expand our reflections on environmental renewal and eco-activism, turning toward the future and together envisioning effective ethical, economic and scientific strategies to build equitable and ecologically sustainable communities and revitalize our planetary home. Together we will discuss just and regenerative alternatives to the current order and how to implement them, focusing on five questions: What kind of political systems and governance are required to build an eco-just world? How do we restructure our economic and financial frameworks? What types of science and technology should we promote? What kind of changes are required in our lifestyles and mentalities? How can theological and spiritual paradigms support eco-justice?


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