Tevip 2019

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#TEVIP – Translating European Values into Practice

Dear Participants,
We welcome you to join us in our youth mobility, taking place at Agape Centro Ecumenico, Prali – Italy, this June 1st-6th. In this call we will explain what Tevip is and how you can be part of this extensive learning experience with youth age 18-26 from all around Europe. We look forward to meeting you and learning along side you!


“Translating European Values Into Practice” by planpolitik, Youth of Europe, Center for Citizenship Education CEO, Rete Educare ai Diritti Umani, Agape Centro Ecumenico, DARE network – Since 2017 these six organisations have been teaming up to create and share a manual of new methodologies analysing our relation with values and their practice. After a first mobility taking place in Poland last year, we are inviting you again to be part of this project.

During this week we will explore a diverse range of activities, group dynamics, games and exercises in order to:

  • Explore and share our own values
  • Reflect on the relation between our values and European ones
  • Translate our values into actions

You will be involved in testing new activities and sharing your valuable insight on how we can further prepare youth living in Europe for civic engagement.

The educational approach is based on non formal learning principles. This means we will discuss, play and interact, helping each other, learn life lessons that cannot simply be found in a textbook. The working language of the mobility will be English, but you don’t need to be fluent to attend, all are welcome.


Agape is a meeting center that defines itself as “ecumenical” and “international.” Its ecumenism is to be understood in a very broad sense: meeting of believers of different religions and confessions – but also non believers – who leave behind their assumptions of knowing and holding the truth.
The center benefits from its international aspect: all groups of volunteers who live and work at Agape contain individuals from different countries. Every year Agape’s program includes a series of international camps organized by people of different international origin. The international dimension has been part of the center since its foundation. Agape has been a place for dialogue and valorization of the differences from the beginning, a living experiment of the idea that another world is possible. Agape is an ambitious project that was born halfway through the last century from the ideas of a Waldensian pastor, Tullio Vinay. Its main goal is to be a meeting place. The founding values of Agape, i.e. reconciliation and reconstruction, are at the basis of all its activities. From the community life and volunteer work to the daily life in the center, priority is given to being and living together in an inclusive and sustainable way.
Agape is at 1,600 meters above sea level in Prali, a small village in the mountains, in the province of Torino.  The building and furniture are basic, which reminds us of the founding values of the Agape project.


  • Young people aged 18 – 26
  • Resident in an European Country
  • Interest in European values and youth work
  • Able to communicate in English


Accommodation in Agape is in bunk beds. Each room can host up to four people. There are five bedrooms in the main building and four bedrooms for each of the two floors in the smaller buildings. There are shared bathrooms on each floor. Guests are given sheets and duvets, but towels are not provided. In every building there is a storage closet with cleaning tools, which guests are welcomed to use to clean their own rooms. Agape cleans shared spaces and bathrooms daily. Each participant is asked to collaborate with table service and washing dishes, both because this help is necessary and because, for us, it is an important symbol of sharing work.


Agape is 1600 m asl and in summertime can be cold, please bring with you warm and comfortable clothes for the evening, sport shoes, rain jacket, a small backpack for the excursions. You will also need towels, while blankets and sheets are provided. Please, bring with you food and drinks from your country for your culture night.


The application process is now open and you can apply filling THIS FORM.
After the selection process, which will take place after the deadline May 1st, you will
receive an infopack and further travel information along with tickets purchased under you name. All travel, accommodation and food will be covered by the Erasmus Plus Programme.

Erasmus Plus

Please contact us if you need further information:
Tel: (+39) 0121 807514 Fax: (+39) 0121 807690

Partecipating to Agape’s activities means being part of the centre’s communitarian’s life for a week. Those who come in Agape to attend a camp, a study period or an holiday period are inveted to follow some rules:

  • Everyone that is enrolled in an Agape’s camp accept to fully participate to the camp’s life and its study activities. It is not allowed to arrive later or leave before the end of the Camp.
  • All participants are requested to take part in clearing and laying tables and washing and drying dishes: Agape is founded on the concept of reciprocal service and volountary work and this little time of service is a visible sign of this idea of sharing.
  • It is very important to report any medical problems in advance (medicines, allergies, phobias, etc.), or dietetic (food allergies, forbidden foods, etc.).
  • During Agape’s Camp we will go hiking: bring with you a rain jacket, warm and comfortable clothing, sport shoes and a small backpack.
  • Agape is at an altitude of 1600 mt / 5000 ft therefore you must remember to bring warm and comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear, even in summer.
  • Agape provides blankets and sheets, but not towels.
  • Agape only offers accommodation in rooms of 3-4 people in bunks and single beds. There are bathrooms on each floor. On the premise there is one bathroom for disabled people. We would appreciate it if, at the end of your stay, you would strip the beds, leaving the blankest and duvets folded on top of the bed, and taking the sheets downstairs, in the entrance area between the kitchen and the Main Hall. Each block has a storeroom containing cleaning products for guests to clean their rooms.
  • The lunch and dinner largely consist of a first and second course, in Italian style, salad and fruit or dessert. Any allergies or food intolerances should be brought to the attention of the office beforehand along with any requests for vegetarian food or meals to comply with religious requirements. In any case, for ethical reason, we try to keep the consumption of meet quite low, so it will not be served every day. Drinks are not included though they may be bought at the bar ten minutes before each meal. Breakfast largely consists of bread, butter, jam, hot milk, tea, and hot water for hot chocolate or malted drinks.
  • The Centre has a bar open from 9.00 till 9.30 as well as 10 minutes before each meal and 30 minutes after.
  • In the main hall of Agape there is wireless connection, and the password can be requested to the office. However the internet connection is not always as fast and efficient as ADSL. During activities the WiFi will be switched off.
  • Since Agape is not entitled to provide any kind of medicines or drugs if you have any special or recurring needs (aspirins, painkillers, etc) you should bring the necessary amounts with you. Please consider that the small pharmacy in Prali is not open every day.
  • Agape declines liability for any damage caused during the stay. Agape will demand reimbursement of any damage caused by guests. The Centre will only accept liability for the cash and personal effects of those participating in the camps if these are expressly handed over for safekeeping.
  • Adults and young people aged 15 or over must possess a valid National Identity Card or passport.

Prenotazioni online non sono disponibili per questo campo.

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