International Political Camp 2016

August 13-20, 2016 Migration Breaking down boundaries on a journey towards a common home International Political Camp 2016 From the very beginning, humans have always been on the move, seeking safe refuge and livelihoods. However, in today’s ‘globalized’ world – where goods and capital can move freely – people fleeing from wars, repressive regimes, poverty and climate-induced crises encounter … Read More

International Political Camp 2015

Peace Pedagogy: towards new paradigms for people’s security In a world where the term ‘security’ has become a synonym for protecting the elites in their pursuit of economic gains at the expense of human and ecological communities and often by military and para-military means, activists have been increasingly emphasizing the need to advocate for a new international political paradigm: security … Read More

International Political Camp 2013

Sunday, August 5 – Sunday, August 12   Click here to download the manifesto of this year’s camp!   No just peace is possible without ecological justice For many years there has been a growing awareness that rampant human exploitation of the Earth is no longer sustainable. The struggle is not only ecological, but social: throughout the globe we see … Read More