Two spirits, one heart and all kinds of gender we want to put in it

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28/07/2018 – 04/08/2018 –

– This year the traditional week of great works on Agape’s stones and wood changes its look! We will continue to work shoulder to shoulder for the ordinary management of the centre and with non-formal education methods, games and interactive techniques, we will devote time to de-construct gender stereotypes, creating and sharing new languages, exploring how […]

Diffused populisms Migrations, citizenship and the art of political manipulation

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04/08/2018 – 11/08/2018 –

– Migration is change and transformation and movement. Populist movements that have swept many countries around the world tend to express their discontent for the old order immobilising societies and people. In a talk given to the European School of Politics in Istanbul, on the 30 September 2017, Kenan Malik argues that “Immigration has played almost […]

God: how do you talk about it? They tell of the power of your awesome works – and I will proclaim your great deeds. (Psalm 145:6)

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11/08/2018 – 18/08/2018 –

– Well, talking about God and proclaiming his great deeds… But talking about who? And about who? 2000 years ago God spoke to us, and about 2000 years ago the words which are talking today to us about God have bin written, written in a language which is not ours. We already have difficulties to understand […]

Summer 2019

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01/06/2019 – 16/09/2019 –

– The workcamp is a group of people who freely offers help to the Resident Group to manage the center when open and with many people coming. Workcampers come from all over the world and are divided in different groups of work: kitchen; cleaning; bar; maintenance; service (management of the meals); babysitting, only when it’s needed. […]

Tevip 2019

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01/06/2019 – 06/06/2019 –

– #TEVIP – Translating European Values into Practice Dear Participants, We welcome you to join us in our youth mobility, taking place at Agape Centro Ecumenico, Prali – Italy, this June 1-6th. In this call we will explain what Tevip is and how you can be part of this expansive learning experience with youth age 18-26 […]

Ultragender childhood and adulthood

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27/07/2019 – 03/08/2019 –

– A camp made of camps A three-in one and do-it-yourself camp about the power and fragility of childhood. An international camp to get to know our gender identities and their visible expressions in the world. A camp to discover best practices and their implementation for inclusion and conflict transformation. A camp where education, imagination, work […]


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03/08/2019 – 10/08/2019 –

– For we were all baptised by one Spirit so as to form one body (1Cor 12:13) In the Bible, baptism is presented as the common ground for debating any disagreement in the spirit of being a community. Historically it has not been that way, and up to the present day, while many dogmatic issues seem […]

Economic ConnÆctions

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10/08/2019 – 17/08/2019 –

–   NEW FOR 2019 Economic events affect individuals both on a social and a personal level. Today, such consequences are creating the perception that democracy ends where the market begins: balancing everyone’s interests, a great achievement of civilisation, does not seem to universally affect the “natural” laws of the market. Civil society is struggling with […]

Agape’s Summer School

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01/03/2020 – 15/04/2020 –

– From march 1st Agape will accept scholarship applications (application form found at the bottom of this page) for 2020 international adults camps. The application deadline is April 15th, 2020. The Scholarship program is the international summerschool of Agape Ecumenical Center. The summerschool brings together three perspectives on the world: one linked to one’s own body, […]

Summer in Agape

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05/07/2020 – 30/08/2020 –

–   DEAR ALL The periods and the way of workcampo will be different this summer Our proposal starts Monday, July 6, from this date you can come to Agape to do workcampo but in different ways depending on the period chosen: -From 06 July to 25 July: Agape Restoration, an intense period of maintenance and […]