Where we are

How to get there (download the file):

Via bus:

The buses that travel to and from Prali are with the company SADEM. They depart from Turin or Pinerolo with a final destination of Perosa Argentina – Prali.
In Turin, the line begins at the Bus-Terminal at Corso Vittorio Emanuele 131. The bus stop is at the corner of the streets Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Sacchi, across the street from the train station, Porta Nuova. In Pinerolo the bus stop is in front of the train station in Piazza Cavour.
From Ghigo di Prali, Agape is a 15 minute walk. Upon entering the town of Ghigo, from the piazza, walk up the street to your right that continues past the Tempio Valdese. Follow the street up the hill, cross the bridge on your left and continue up the street for another 200 meters.
Being a small town,  there are not so many buses that frequent Prali’s streets. To see the schedule in its entirety, one can consult the website, www.sadem.it, or ask for more information from the office at Agape.

Via car:

Agape is reachable from Turin via the freeway A55 (sign in green) through Pinerolo. On the “tangenziale” highway after Pinerolo, follow the signs in the direction of “Val Chisone – Sestriere” and leave the freeway to follow the highway 23 (sign in blue) until it forks, at which point follow signs for “Val Germanasca, Prali.” Once you have reached “Ghigo di Prali,” go through the piazza and follow the street up to your right that passes by the “Tempio Valdese.” Drive up the street until you reach the bridge. Cross the bridge and continue up the street until you see the sign, “Agape – Parcheggio”.

Via plane:

From the Turin Caselle Airport, there are numerous buses available that travel to Porta Nuova, the central station of Turin. Where the bus stops in Turin from the airport, at Porta Nuova, is the same bus stop where the bus to Perosa Argentina – Prali leaves. The airport in Milan, Malpensa, also provides a bus that travels to Porta Nuova, the train station in Turin. From any other airport, one must first take a train to Turin, as there are no direct buses to Porta Nuova. For further instruction, read via bus.
It is advisable to book a flight that arrives in the morning into Turin Caselle, and departs in the afternoon in order to avoid having to spend the night in Turin.
In any event, we advise coordinating with Agape’s office concerning travel plans.