First of all, it is important to keep in mind that all Agape’s Staff Groups are composed of volunteers who want to contribute with their own competences to the organisation and management of a camp.  

The choice of the different Staff Groups’ members is on the Centre, that takes its decisions with the support of the Staff Council. Nonetheless, all the Staff Groups must be aware that they are appointed by the General Committee, or by the Executive Committee in its behalf, also through direct actions like the approval of the General Planning.

Staff Groups are normally composed by 5 to 10 people, including a member of the Resident Group to guarantee a direct connection with the life of the Centre.

To become a member of a Staff Group of an adult camp, relative abilities or know-how are normally a requirement; this is why the candidate new members are normally found among the participants to the camps or in groups and environments somehow related with them.

For the Staff Groups of children camps, new members can be chosen among people from other groups in Agape (members of the Work-camp Group, participants to adult camps), but it is not unusual to appoint people from related environments or friends of other members of the Staff Group.

Sometimes, those who are interested can express their intention to Agape’s steering committee and with them evaluate the possibilities of employability, according to the interest of the candidate and to the needs of the Centre.

So, there is no possibility of auto-appointment for any Staff Group, but each of them can put forward names of people who are interested in it. To be part of a Staff Group, particularly for a camp that contemplates the participation of children, it is of prime importance for every candidate to have participated to Agape’s Education Camp for one time at least.

In order to express your interest to be part of a Staff Group, you can write to one of the following email addresses: