Education and Training Map

The Education and Training Map is a symbolic map drawn on Agape’s architecture, because this encloses the values of its plan.

The training and educative interventions within the camps are not (indistinctively among adult and children camps) different from the educative and training paths that each and every one of us follow when we go to Agape as participants, Staff Group members or Resident Group members. This map describes an educative and training process that is valid for everyone, independently of their role in the Centre.

The significant and representative places in this path are five: the stairways, the open-air church, the hall (salone), the cottages, the bell tower. In each one of these places we find some keywords and some questions.


The stairways

The stairways represent the arrival to the Centre and the intentionality in the path that each and every one has decided to take. Each individual is pushed by a personal motivation and in Agape they meet many others to which it is not always easy to relate.


The open-air church

The open-air church is like a square in which to experience the freedom of the encounter with diversity, both with other people and within the self. In this place one can feel lost, can experience doubts and curiosity, and can even meet God.


The cottages

The cottages represent the place where to go to seek refuge in difficult moments along the educative path. As a matter of fact, along a path of growth and change every one of us needs support, an outlet and a guide.


The salone

The salone is the place where community is built, where diversities meet and contradictions are experienced; it is the place where people learn to participate with their head, body and emotions. In this place, not only people in their diversity are told about, but also God and his Word that comes from faraway.


The bell tower

At the end of the experience, the bell tower represents the watch towards the real world to which people come back, hopefully after having gone through a change, having developed new awareness and acquired new instruments to face reality.

Every stop in the map contains questions useful for those who take part in Agape’s life, and some indications on how to face the different aspects of a camp management.

In the section “Documents on education” you have access to the whole document by the Workgroup on Education and Training, which also includes the complete version of the map.