Residents Wanted!

Would you like to spend a period of volunteering in a place that has dedicated seventy years to community life, non-formal learning and the encounter between cultures and religions?

The place we are talking about is Agape Ecumenical Center and what we offer is to become part of the Resident Group. What is Agape?
It is a meeting space that defines itself as “ecumenical” and “international”. Ecumenism has a very broad meaning here: the encounter between believers of different faiths and confessions – but also with non-believers – through a desirable willingness to listen and a dialogue that honours differences. In particular, the activities proposed by the center offer a space for discussion on various issues related to current political and social affairs, gender issues, spirituality, theological debate and informal and non-formal training. The international dimension is present in various aspects of the Center: all groups of volunteers are made up of people from different countries (European and non-European) and every year the programme includes a series of international meetings. These dimensions have characterized the Center since its foundation, immediately proposing itself as a place for dialogue, comparison and concrete experimentation of an inclusive and sustainable practice of life. We are located at the very end of the Germanasca valley, above Ghigo di Prali, at a height of 1.600m. Immersed in alpine nature and in close contact with the local population, we live in a splendid building by Leonardo Ricci built immediately after the Second World War, between 1947 and 1951.

Who is a resident?
Agape was built by volunteerss from all over the world and to this day the work is being carried out by volunteers. In particular, the Resident Group is made up of 10-12 young and less young people who dedicate a period of their life to the project and, in return, receive board, lodging and pocket money. The Resident Group lives in Agape all year round and has the task of managing the Center: the service is divided into the practical work of managing the hospitality sectors and in times dedicated to planning, how to keep in touch with all the groups that collaborate with Agape, supporting them by participating in the organization of the camps and various events. The Resident Group is made up of people from different countries and backgrounds, including two / three people who hold the role of director and his/her deputies. The residents live a very intense and engaging community dimension, addressed through moments dedicated to managing group dynamics. The weekly assemblies, experiential activities and two annual seminars guarantee the construction of a group capable of working and growing together. You can apply to be part of the Resident Group for a renewable period of one or two years. Each resident takes responsibility of one of the Centre’s work sectors for which he/she receives specific training and coordinates the related Campolavoro (short term volunteering) group.

What do you need to do?
Agape is a complex reality both to explain and to imagine. If you are curious, we ask you to contact us by email so we can provide you with more detailed information. These are the addresses: and

For your application we need your CV and a motivation letter, explaining why you would like to become a resident, by Sunday 11.04.2021. The year of residence usually begins in mid / late September.
We are waiting for you!