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When a cadet comes of age…

Photo by Dominyka Kukuryté

Agape boys and girls, I would like to tell yo… Leggi tutto »

Campolavoro during the childrens camp

As a present for the new, we publish an article from the last number of AgaLeggi tutto »

BLU AGAPE: Well begun is half done!

Agape is like a cauldron, bubbling with endless voices, ideas, proposa… Leggi tutto »

Life at Agape

We publish an article from the last number of Agape Immaginaria, in whicLeggi tutto »

A look back at summer 2013

Enrolement at summer camps are now available, we propose then an overviLeggi tutto »

Three months of campolavoro in Agape

Photo by Michele Comba

From the first days of June to the middle of Septem… Leggi tutto »

It felt like home away from home.


We publish an article about a girl wo was at Agape’s internLeggi tutto »

Our First Time At The Parents And Kids Camp (GEF) At The Agape Ecumenical Center

Photo by Dominika Kukuryte

We both knew what Agape was: I knew about it fr… Leggi tutto »

Agape Immaginaria 2013

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Agape Immaginaria – Spring 2011

Ecco a voi il numero di Agape Immaginaria di primavera 2011

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