TIDBIT – Holy Comunion? Assembly of Christians or division of Christ?

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International Theological Camp - TIDBIT – Holy Comunion? Assembly of Christians or division of Christ?

International Theological Camp

Date: 08/08/2020 - 16/08/2020
Arrivals at 00:00 of 08 August
Departures at 23:59 of 16 August

This year the tidbits of the adult camps are also for children that turned already 16.


The current situation, as we know, does not allow us to do the camps in Agape. For that to imagine alternatives is a challenge that we are all facing with commitment but which also presents many difficulties. Despite this year’s obstacles, we want to bring Agape out of Agape, proposing not only activities but trying to recreate a sense of community and continuity for all the people who would have been part of the Agapina summer and who unfortunately will not be able to meet in person, smile, talk and blend together. We therefore decided to elaborate tidbits of what the camps would have been: different and various activities, some in front of the screen, others organized independently and shared after in dedicated moments. For participation, we ask you for a symbolic donation, around € 30 or what you can afford and which you would like Agape to have! Here is our IBAN: IT85T 07601 01000 0000 2037 8105.

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One crucial point in the struggle between the churches throughout history has been the understanding of the (Holy) Communion. What happens, when believers meet in a church, come together at an altar or a table, pray, eat bread and drink wine? Different churches argue whether a repetition of Jesus’ own sacrifice or a reminder of Christ’s salvation that’s taking place. That’s theology. But what does that mean for us?

Sharing food is an important part of our everyday life. It’s an act of peace and a symbol of coming together. In addition, food has become an embattled resource and despite all being Christans, we find ourselves in difficulties when it comes to sharing the Lord’s supper with our friends from different churches – even though, when we come together to share bread and wine despite the things that divide us, this can be a very touching experience.

So what do we believe in? What does the Communion mean for me? We want to offer you a tidbit of the theological camp 2021 about the holy comunion. We want to give you the opportunity to exchange your opinions and thoughts to different aspects of the holy comunion and to celebrate an international, -confessional, -cultural, -lingual service. 😉

To subscribe just send an email to ufficio@agapecentroecumenico.org attaching the file scheda iscrizione.. We have a maximum number of registrations for each field, we will give priority to those who had already enrolled or enrolled in the field or was on the waiting list.

Participating in a camp at Agape means to take a part in the community life of the Center for a week. Those who come to Agape, whether to take part in a camp, in a study visit or to spend some time off, are invited to respect some rules.
  • Participants accept taking part in the camp life and its educational activities entirely.
  • In case you leave in advance, fees won’t be reimbursed, not even partially.
  • Guests have to bring a valid ID.
  • We ask each participant to help setting the table and drying dishes, both because it is a necessary support and because to us, this is a way of sharing our work.
  • Agape is not responsible for accidents or damage happening during the camps in case of violation of internal rules. The Center is responsible for participants’ cash and belongings only if these are given to Agape to be kept in a safe. Agape will ask for the refund of any damage caused by the guests.
  • During winter time, it snows in Agape (which is at 1,600 meters a.s.l.). You will need to bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The rooms have three or four beds each and bathrooms are on the same floor. There are no single or double rooms. Agape provides sheets and blankets, but guests are required to bring their own towels.
  • Due to health and safety rules, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other animals to Agape.
  • Agape cannot provide medicines. Since the pharmacy in Prali is not open every day, you will need to bring the medicine you need with you.

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