International Theological Camp - God: how do you talk about it? They tell of the power of your awesome works – and I will proclaim your great deeds. (Psalm 145:6)

International Theological Camp

Date: 11/08/2018 - 18/08/2018
Arrivals at 17:30 of 11 August
Departures at 09:00 of 18 August

Well, talking about God and proclaiming his great deeds… But talking about who? And about who? 2000 years ago God spoke to us, and about 2000 years ago the words which are talking today to us about God have bin written, written in a language which is not ours. We already have difficulties to understand Shakespeare’s language and would like to find the truth in the Bible?

From God’s revelation we are seperated by by the large and horrible fosse of history (Lessing). History of faith and of religions always has been the history of attempts to cross this fosse, to find the words which are uniting God and the people. Already Paul, and then several schisms, amongst them the Reformation, start from the quest of speaking about God in a world in which the words are not speaking any more about God.

In the International Theological Camp 2018 we will try to find the right words, God’s words of today and our word’s to speak about God today. In a pluralistic context, with different ways of living our faith and in an international surrounding we will explore new ways of talking about God; we will seek for God where we never thought about to possibly find him. Across different people and cultures we will meet new perspectives of God and different wayz of speaking about faith – hoping that in the end we will find a common ground so we can dare the “jump into faith” (Kierkegaard) which makes us cross the fosse or history Lessing wrote about.

Participating in a camp at Agape means to take a part in the community life of the Center for a week. Those who come to Agape, whether to take part in a camp, in a study visit or to spend some time off, are invited to respect some rules.
  • Participants accept taking part in the camp life and its educational activities entirely.
  • In case you leave in advance, fees won’t be reimbursed, not even partially.
  • Guests have to bring a valid ID.
  • We ask each participant to help setting the table and drying dishes, both because it is a necessary support and because to us, this is a way of sharing our work.
  • Agape is not responsible for accidents or damage happening during the camps in case of violation of internal rules. The Center is responsible for participants’ cash and belongings only if these are given to Agape to be kept in a safe. Agape will ask for the refund of any damage caused by the guests.
  • During winter time, it snows in Agape (which is at 1,600 meters a.s.l.). You will need to bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • The rooms have three or four beds each and bathrooms are on the same floor. There are no single or double rooms. Agape provides sheets and blankets, but guests are required to bring their own towels.
  • Due to health and safety rules, it is not allowed to bring dogs or other animals to Agape.
  • Agape cannot provide medicines. Since the pharmacy in Prali is not open every day, you will need to bring the medicine you need with you.

Signing in

Fees according to your possibilities

Maximum campers: 65

Le iscrizioni per questo campo non sono aperte. Le iscrizioni ai campi estivi aprono il 15 marzo, ai campi invernali il 15 ottobre, ai campi che si tengono in primavera il 15 gennaio

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