TIDBIT – Divine Bodies: Gendered Spirits.

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International Ultragender Camp - TIDBIT – Divine Bodies: Gendered Spirits.

International Ultragender Camp

When: 2020-10-29 - 2020-11-27
Arrivals from 00:00 of the 29 October
Ends at 23:59 of the 27 November

This year the tidbits of the adult camps are also for children that turned already 16.


The current situation, as we know, does not allow us to do the camps in Agape. For that to imagine alternatives is a challenge that we are all facing with commitment but which also presents many difficulties. Despite this year’s obstacles, we want to bring Agape out of Agape, proposing not only activities but trying to recreate a sense of community and continuity for all the people who would have been part of the Agapina summer and who unfortunately will not be able to meet in person, smile, talk and blend together. We therefore decided to elaborate tidbits of what the camps would have been: different and various activities, some in front of the screen, others organized independently and shared after in dedicated moments. For participation, we ask you for a symbolic donation, around € 30 or what you can afford and which you would like Agape to have! Here is our IBAN: IT85T 07601 01000 0000 2037 8105.

The camp tidbits will take place from 29 October to 27 November with 5 activities as it follows:

1 – Introducing contents, choices and getting to know each other (meeting on zoom or similar)
2 – Webinar part 1: lecture (shared video to be viewed individually whenever suits you)
Webinar part 2: Q&A (meeting on zoom or similar)
3 – Storytelling (shared videos to be viewed individually)
4 – Body, Spirit and Art, with an element of healing (shared activity to be carried out individually)
5 – Evaluation feedback and goodbye!

Apply and stay tuned for more info in the next few weeks/months!

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Feminist, Blue eyes, Theologian, Polyglot, Male, 84, Italian.

How many words define us and/or lock us into pre-concepts, and how many words to communicate our real being to our fellows, or indeed to ourselves, have we lost? The words that seem to have been lost in the past of our societies or in the Divine realm. So much information and lost belief, a creative confusion sometimes, and new words sparkle all around again!

Is the Divine embedded into us in the spirit we share? Is it a daily  practice of good will and sharing? Or do we need to fetch it outside ourselves? If so where? Who represents us? Who are we capable of or do we want to represent and witness?

This year the Ultra gender camp we should have meet Ardhanarishwara, (the union of the Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati) representing the androgynous synthesis of the masculine and feminine energies of the universe. We will try to do that anyway with the tidbits that will keep you company during an autumn all particular.

To subscribe just send an email to ufficio@agapecentroecumenico.org attaching the file scheda iscrizione.. We have a maximum number of registrations for each field, we will give priority to those who had already enrolled or enrolled in the field or was on the waiting list.


  • Early notification of any medical problems, (medications, allergies, diuresis, phobias, etc...), or dietary (food allergies, forbidden foods, etc...; in these cases it would be really important that you notify us of any needs at least a week in advance, to allow the kitchen to set up properly) is very important. Enclose a sheet at the time of registration.

  • Adult(s) and youth(s) over the age of 14 must have a valid ID card or document.

  • Agape is not liable for accidents or damages that may occur. The Center is only liable for cash and personal items if they are expressly turned over for safekeeping. Agape will seek reimbursement for damages caused by guests.

  • Agape cannot administer medication. If there are special needs, it is necessary to provide the necessary supplies before arriving. The pharmaceutical dispensary in Prali is not open every day.

  • Agape cannot accommodate, for hygienic reasons, dogs or other animals inside the Center.

  • Agape provides blankets and sheets, but you must bring your own towels. Rooms are three- or four-bed, with bathrooms on the floor; no single or double rooms are provided.

  • Please note that Agape is located at 1,600 meters above sea level, and even in summer, evenings are particularly cold.

Prenotazioni online non sono disponibili per questo campo.

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